Residential Energy Efficiency


CDH evaluates residential efficiency technologies such as improvements for domestic hot water heaters, air conditioners, and space heating equipment. These systems account for a large amount of the total energy load in homes, and efficiency improvements in these energy technologies can result in significant energy and cost savings.

CDH has worked with NYSERDA to demonstrate and measure very high efficiency building envelopes, considering techniques to provide energy savings while ensuring that building indoor air quality and durability are maintained.

We recently completed field tests and simulation studies to evaluate how well new cold-climate heat pump technologies work under actual conditions.

We also recently completed a comprehensive project for NYSERDA that evaluated the performance of the newest water heating technologies in both the laboratory and at field test sites.

Example Projects

Domestic Water Heating Study

Hot water heating is the second largest load in homes in the Northeastern U.S., after space heating. CDH Energy, in conjunction with the Syracuse Center of Excellence (COE), conducted laboratory and field testing to evaluate the performance of residential hot water heating technologies, ranging from gas water heaters tanks to high efficiency gas-fired options. We also looked at solar and heat pump options as an alternative to standard electric water heaters.

We used side-by-side laboratory testing to make comparisons between different systems and to evaluate the impact that different water use profiles have on water heater efficiency. We measured hot water flow in several homes to understand the magnitude and timing of hot water use. Field testing also provided the means to measure the performance of water heating systems under actual, in-situ conditions. The findings of this research effort, as well as more general guidance about water heating technologies, are reported on the Syracuse COE domestic hot water (DHW) website. Results of the hot water testing are available in the "Evaluating Domestic Water Heater Performance for NY Homes report".

Data Logger     Laboratory Test Setup at COE     Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH)

High Performance Residential Design Project

CDH Energy and its team worked with builders to incorporate energy efficient design and construction practices into their homes. We then followed up with testing and monitoring to confirm performance. We completed this process on five homes, a summary report can be found at NYSERDA's website (pdf). The findings of this challenge project are presented on our Home Performance Challenge website.

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DHW Reports and Presentations