Field Monitoring & Data Acquisition

CDH Energy has decades of experience measuring the performance of energy technologies in the field. We install and integrate meters, sensors and data acquisition equipment to measure actual performance of buildings, systems, and equipment. These efforts are aimed to:

  • understand the performance of emerging technologies
  • quantify energy savings and other impacts
  • prove performance for incentive programs

Many of our projects rely on our key capability to gather and present data on the performance of energy systems. Contract research projects often seek to gain experience with emerging market technologies or to gather real-world performance data at field demonstration sites. Projects range from measuring the performance of new thermostats for electric heat in residences, to comparing performance of various sustainable roof options, to determining power generation efficiency and heat recovery in a distributed generation system at an industrial facility.

CDH has installed and operated on-site monitoring systems for NYSERDA, National Grid and Eversource (previously NStar) to measure performance of CHP systems in their respective programs. CDH has also installed dozens of monitoring systems directly for customers who participate in other state and federal CHP incentive programs.

CDH also has significant experience with field monitoring and metering to evaluate new energy technologies. Our field monitoring projects are typically aimed at understanding the technical and economic potential of new energy technologies for a range of clients across North America. We are highly experienced with installing instrumentation and data systems on site and then remotely collecting data from these systems. A key skill in these projects is our ability to analyze and distill the large datasets into useful information. We refine the monitoring results into meaningful presentations and reports that can be effectively communicated to the appropriate audience.

We have national experience with numerous field monitoring and technology evaluation projects for organizations such the US Department of Energy (DOE); National Laboratories such as Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and NREL; ASHRAE; the Gas Technology Institute (GTI); and NYSERDA as well as numerous other electric and gas utilities and energy organizations across the US.

We can design, fabricate, install and operate custom data acquisition systems or work within existing control systems to gather the data. We have projects where we have interfaced with a building DDC to collect data as well as projects where we have installed independent, stand-alone monitoring systems.

Example Projects

National Grid and Eversource (NSTAR) CHP Performance Monitoring – Massachusetts

CDH Energy is currently monitoring 60 CHP systems for two utility customers (National Grid and Eversource) in Massachusetts.  CDH works with applicant supplied instrumentation and provides the system integration work to ensure consistent and accurate data collection from various data sources. For CHP systems installed without, or lacking in critical instrumentation, CDH Energy designs, manufactures, installs, and operates the data acquisition system required to collect performance data.

CHP Control Panel    Ultrasonic Flow Meter    Power Meter in Electric Disconnect    Data Logger Inside Box

The results of the performance data are aggregated on a web based data system, which provides National Grid or Eversource, or their approved outside parties, access to the data for use in CHP portfolio performance evaluations and application for Massachusetts Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (APS) energy credits. The web data system are also used by CDH and National Grid/Eversource as a historic performance tracking and data-driven commissioning system, where upset conditions in the CHP system are identified to the operators, investigated, and the impact of any system or operational changes are compared to historic performance to assess the net benefit of the change.